Presbytery Plans


Below are links to all the documentation between Currie Kirk and Edinburgh Presbytery:


Presbytery Mission Plan Working Document - April 2023 - this is the plan which was agreed at Edinburgh and West Lothian Presbytery meeting on Tuesday 25th April 2023

Letter from Stewart Weaver (Introduction to the draft plan)


Amended Draft Plan October 2022


Draft Plan October 2022 - includes information on our buildings


Presbytery Documentation January 2022


Statement from Edinburgh Presbytery


Response from Currie Kirk to Presbytery March 2022


Response to Deployment Group June 2022

Presbytery Mission Plan Working document

Working document - draft plan

Presbytery Plans

Amended Draft plan October 2022

Introduction to the visit from DG March 2022

Introduction from DG re visitation

Further letter to and ressponse from DG June 2022

Letter from Currie and response from DG

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