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Edinburgh City Mission and Bethany Christian Trust jointly manage the Care Van and the Care Shelter using the skills and services of volunteers from 32 churches in Edinburgh, including Currie Kirk.


Since 1990, and for 364 nights a year (not on Hogmanay), the Care Van has provided coffee and tea, soup, rolls, clothing, support and advice to homeless people in Edinburgh city centre. Each night we serve between 30 and 60 people; for many it is their first contact with a compassionate, accepting, love-in-action service, and some then choose to use other rehabilitation services running in the city.


Currie Kirk staffs the van on the evening of the third Tuesday in each month; typically, each of our volunteers go out two or three times a year. People using the van range from older people with alcohol and relationship problems, to younger people who are using drugs, young teenagers lost in the care system, and families with particular difficulties. People are often glad of a chat and sometimes want to talk about where else they can get help. (Information is provided in the Care Van.)


If you would like to know more about Currie Kirk’s involvement with the Care Van, or volunteer to join our Care Van team, please contact Fiona Pigott on 0131 466 1459.


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