Baby being ChristenedThe gift of a child is a cause for celebration both in your family and in the Church family.  Here at Currie Kirk, we are delighted that you want to mark this occasion in the Church.  Often the request is for a “Christening” of a child.  This is another name for a Baptism, and in Currie Kirk we offer both a Service of Baptism and a Service of Blessing. 


A leaflet is available from the Minister, Rev Dr Easter Smart on 0131 449 4719 or the Church Administrator on 0131 451 5141which outlines what each Service means, what is involved, and what is required/expected of you, the parent(s). You can also request a leaflet by email at The Minister would arrange to meet you to discuss this and help you think about where you are in your journey of faith and life, and what vows you are able to make publicly, and before God, for your child.


Do we have to be members of the Church to have our child Christened?

It is usual for at least one parent to be a member of the Church for a Baptism.  You do not need to be a member for a Blessing service.


How much does it cost?

We do not charge for either Baptism or Blessing.  We will present certificates and a children's Bible as a gift from the Church.


Can we have a private service?

The service of Baptism or Blessing always takes place within the main service of worship on a Sunday morning unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Can we have Godparents?

Godparents are welcome in either Baptism or Blessing.


Can we invite our friends and family?

Of course!  All are welcome.


I'm a single parent/we are not married. Can my/our child be Christened?

Yes.  God's blessing and love is unconditional.


Can I be Christened as an adult?

Yes. The Minister will be pleased to discuss this with you.  You need to be baptised before you can become a member of the Church.


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