MOF (Mission, Outreach & Fellowship)


What is Mission? and What is Outreach? I hear you say and where do we fit in within Currie Kirk.

If they are taken in reverse order then, “Outreach is making an impact where you live” and Mission is “Making an impact by intentionally stepping beyond where you live.”

Over the past 20 odd years our members have been actively engaged in taking the church to the people, to discover their needs and ultimately introduce them to a Christian way of life which is truly exciting and rewarding.  In effect we are charged with reflecting the compassion and will of Christ to both Kirk and Parish and we do this by helping our neighbours, working with various charities, being Christ to those we meet at work, at leisure or in the street.  Our ethos is to build and develop relationships by identifying ways of expressing the congregation’s commitment, in witness and service, to our local community and beyond and where possible we seek to work with other churches in the valley, irrespective of denomination.

Our Mission and Outreach committee is convened by Fiona Pigott.

Currently, we are involved in the following:


  • Supporting agencies such as Christian Aid, Fresh Start, Mary’s Meals and Fairtrade;
  • Working with Bethany Christian Trust / Edinburgh City Mission to provide support to the homeless;
  • Supporting our local Community for Food in Currie and Holy Trinity church in Westerhailes by proving a Foodbank collection base within our church for their wider outreach:
  • Working with Edinburgh Presbytery to keep abreast of new ideas and innovations to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

The committee is always looking forward to searching out new challenges and opportunities and perhaps there is an activity or project that you feel you might be interested in taking on or learning more about or you have some experience in any of the above, then we would like to hear from you.  We can all contribute something.  God has given us all gifts – perhaps yours lies in one of the above.

If you would like to know more about the committee’s work please contact Fiona Pigott (














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