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Dear Friends

A Message from the Manse

In the week of Christian Unity it was a privilege for
us to join with congregations from Balerno and
Juniper Green. The Moderator, Right Rev Dr Colin
Sinclair and his lovely wife Ruth offered wisdom,
warmth and kindness. In his sermon, Colin took us
back to the basics of
Christian life: What does it
mean to follow Jesus?

These day days when we
mention following, we think
of snapchat, newsfeed,
twitter, Facebook. We
follow our football teams,
the Rugby leagues. In these
instances, being a follower
only means we are
observers, people on the
side-lines. We may be
supporters or detractors.
We are actively watching but not taking part.

These things can bring us ups and downs. WE can
enjoy the experience of people liking a post or if our
team wins. On the other hand, no one wants to watch
their team lose and we know that young people are
affected when negative posts hurt them on social

Colin Sinclair re-invigorated, restored and re-energised
the ideals of Christian life when he explained that to
be a follower of Jesus is not to be a spectator or
observer. We get to be involved and to follow Jesus
means we have to step up and do our bit to take part.
We don’t need to worry about what the best or worst
of humanity thinks of us. We have a role to play to
make the world a more compassionate place in God’s

As Jesus taught, following him means to serve people
and the world . . . as part of the family of God . . . to
offer serious love and kindness to people we
encounter, some whom we know and others whom we
entrust to God’s care though we might not know them.
Following Jesus takes us on
a journey beyond ourselves
and our immediate
understanding of things
into a dimension that is

Ultimately following Jesus
is not some lonely job. We
are in this together and we
cannot do it without the
help of Jesus who sent his
Holy Spirit to help us. As
we approach Lent and the
season of Easter, I look
forward to going on the journey following Jesus with
you and I hope we may all grow together as we do.

God Bless


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