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Dear Friends

A Message from the Manse

Back in the Spring when Mum visited, there were lots of odd weeds cropping up in the Manse Garden. I wanted to pluck them but Mum said wait and see! So we did.

The plants grew annoyingly taller until one day I looked out to discover they were Foxgloves.

They have bloomed all summer—all pink and white. Foxgloves are unpopular weeds it seems. Only a few kind folk upgrade them to the status of “wild flower” but despite this, their distinct beauty is a reminder of the unique glory of God’s creation.

However, it was not only I who enjoyed them. The bees went in and out of the pink and white trumpets all day. Whilst the bees were hard at work, they also seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. We love bees because they work hard together like a family to bring good things like pollination and honey. We are indebted to bees for all the good they do!

I am conscious that this is the season for many of us to return to hard work. That is especially true for families for whom school routines resume and holidays are over. We are also surrounded by farmers working long hours to bring in harvests.

Sometimes our attitude to hard work is negative, because there may be heavy pressures put upon us; but I think we might learn something from the bees. Work should be something we enjoy.

I am excited to be back in Currie after a summer break with family and to kick off this autumn season together with you all. Many people besides me invest themselves in the work of the Church because it is something they enjoy and it keeps us connected. For me, working and serving the Kirk and Currie is hard work but it is also a joy, and I know others feel the same. It is a blessing and a joy because we bring about good things together. 

So if you would like to get more connected, there are lots of ways to join in. You might like the following.

 Assist with the ministries to children on Sundays or at Messy Church

 Join a hospitality team on a Sunday or a cleaning team (every six weeks or so)

 Feed the Homeless in the Bethany Care Van

 Make soup or bake for Tuesday Soup Lunches

 Volunteer with Fresh Start

 Join the Guild

 Sing in the Festival Choir or with the Kirk Singers or the Guilded Lillies

 Donate to the Church, or to the Minibus, or to the Youth Outreach Fund

 Sponsor a Boy in the BB or sign up to help

 Pray—join the Prayer Confidential Prayer Covenant team

 Arrange Flowers for a Sunday or deliver flowers on a Sunday

 Become a pastoral visitor to the elderly or infirm

 Support a family under stress by providing occasional childcare or respite

*Some activities may need Child Protection Checks

God Bless


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