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The Kirk Session recently discussed the implementation of a Good Shepherding Scheme. This is not a new idea—it existed in Willis Jones’ Ministry and has proved helpful in other Parishes.

Here is why the Session thinks this might be a good idea:

 Jesus Christ changed a lot of lives by saying hello, and being willing to listen, seeing the needs of others, and creating a sense of community with people.
 The scheme is a simple way of improving Kirk communications and care within the Parish in a relaxed, neighbourly way.
 Currie is already a very caring community with networks of neighbourly care but a Good Shepherding scheme is just a little more proactive and pastoral.
 This year the Guild theme, Companions on the Road, highlights issues of loneliness or isolation and at its simplest, this aims to improve our Christian companionship and neighbourliness.


In 2006, Elders’ Districts were disbanded because they seemed too formal and time consuming. However this left a gap, and a need to provide better communication so that the Kirk is a visible presence.

One of our commitments in the Local Church Review is to improve pastoral presence and awareness of the needs of the Parish. This scheme is more fluid, relaxed and should not be too time consuming.

In particular, there are two expanding populations in Currie:

 A large portion of Currie’s original residents are growing older, and as a result may have greater needs due to frailties or concerns and many might appreciate a visit; and
 Many young couples and families are moving into Currie where houses have been sold or where new houses have been built.

Our call, as people of faith, is to reach out to offer care to older folk who may be alone or not in the best of health as well as to welcome new people moving to the area.

How it would work

A team from Session has divided the Parish of Currie into several regions (13 in total). The hope is that we will have volunteer Good Shepherds in the area near to which they live. The simple role requires being willing to say hello, listen and reach out to new people by knocking on the door or delivering a Kirk Magazine and a welcome leaflet, as well as to note if people have been in hospital, have been bereaved or might appreciate flowers or a visit.

The hope is to have three or four Shepherds in each area who can meet occasionally as team to support one another and share any important pastoral concerns in confidence with the ministry team.

If you consider yourself to be a people person and you are willing to be a volunteer showing Christian welcome and care to your neighbours in your area, please let us know.

God Bless


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