The Currie Kirk MinibusCurrie Kirk Minibus Fund (Scottish Charity SC012965) operates a community minibus which during the week provides transport for the elderly, collecting them from their homes to enable them to attend a local day care centre, and returning them afterwards. 


The bus also transports some of the congregation, principally the elderly & infirm, to and from the Kirk on Sunday mornings. Please contact Margaret Russell on 0131 449 5917 if you would like to make use of the bus on a Sunday morning.


The 65th Edinburgh (Currie) Boys’ Brigade group also uses the minibus, particularly for their Summer Camp.

“Community” minibuses benefit from a lower rate of road tax and insurance than commercial minibuses, as they cover a much smaller mileage. However, the downside to these concessions is that prospective users of the bus have to fit certain categories and meet other requirements.


To find out if your group might qualify and to make a booking, please contact Isobel Webber on 0131451 5112. If you feel you may be interested in volunteering tobecoming a 'Sunday morning driver' once every six weeks or so, please contact Bill Hume 0131 449 4036 for further information.



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