Social & Fellowship

From routinely organising refreshments following Sunday worship to promoting and organising much more elaborate one-off events like concerts and special fundraisers, the members of the Kirk’s Social and Fellowship Committee are actively involved in the church’s social life and they work hard to promote the Kirk’s presence in the local and wider communities.  We are keen to encourage and strengthen the fellowship within Currie Kirk and share this with our friends in the local community and beyond.  And if in the process we can have fun and raise a smile, perhaps support a good cause, and attract or encourage others to get involved in the life and work of Currie Kirk, we have our reward.

                              Bathgate Brass Band on the night of an excellent concert

The Social and Fellowship Committee is ultimately responsible to the Kirk Session for the work it does and we take on specific roles or organise particular events that our Minister or the Session might ask for but, in practice, we have a relatively free hand to plan and organise our own programme for the year ahead.  Our current members are: Alison Brunton, Dorothy Collins, Elizabeth Wood, Gordon Cranford (convener), Isobel Webber, Jean Dick, Rena Milligan, Sandra Cranford and Sheena Ramsay.  We work very much as a team and we would encourage anyone within the Kirk’s membership to join with us and share their time and talents in the work we do.  Anyone familiar with the Gibson Craig Halls or Currie Kirk itself will appreciate how attractive and flexible these venues are and we would welcome and be happy to discuss ideas for events or offers of entertainment which we might consider organising or supporting.  Please contact any member of the Committee to explore possibilities.


                   A presentation to SANDS Lothian following a concert given by Kitch Lewis