Banner Group

Banner Group

Both worship and service come in many forms, and our banners are not just adornments to be admired in themselves; they contribute to and raise the level of worship in our church.


We are a small group who enjoy meeting on Thursday afternoons from September to April – no meetings in December. We all have different skills to bring to the table and all at different levels. We are not professionals but take pleasure in getting together and seeing our ideas develop and then appear in Church for all the congregation to enjoy.


Planning, then changing our minds, can take several sessions at the start of a new banner! Once we have decided on the theme for a banner, we draw the concept onto paper, and then we start to transfer these ideas onto material which can take several forms, sewing, embroidery etc.  


It's always a great moment when we enliven the church with a new banner, particularly at special occasions in the church calendar. Since the group was formed in 2001 we have made 13 banners on themes such as Christmas and Easter, our most recent being ‘Noah’s Ark – God’s Promise’.


Why not join us? At present our group is very small, and we would welcome anyone who would like to join us, especially someone who is creative and sews. For further information please contact Janet Robertson on 0131 441 1499.

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