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I want to express a huge thank you to everyone who came along to the Gifts and Talents Social in the Gibson Craig Hall. Also thanks to the kind people who made it all happen—from the Kirk Singers to the Mission and Outreach, Social & Fellowship and Communication Committee helpers. Many of you have also volunteered to help with our diverse ministries such as crafts, cleaning, collecting clothes, soup-making, story telling or singing! Not to mention the wonderful ladies who Keep Calm and Keep on Knitting! The evening was a lot of fun. Below is a poem by the “Bard of the Kirk Singers”, Sandy Harper—written for the occasion.

What is Talent

What is talent? Well this is many things.

 Everybody has it and it shows in lots of ways,

It is a part of every life right throughout your days

 It’s often classed as hidden when not yet come to light.

But it has a way of finding you whatever you’re about

A way to solve a problem or help someone in need,

Or a gift enabling action to produce a masterpiece

Or plan some special event to aid a current cause,

DIY, or run a group, or bake an apple pie

Make folk laugh, or sing a song, the limit is the sky.

Produce a lovely banner or write a verse or two

Guide a troop of youngsters and teach them something new,

Organise an outing and join the walking group

Never be afraid to rally to the call

And use your gift as needed, there’s TALENT in us all

Whilst some of you are just heading off on holiday, many of us with families have hit the ground into school term-time routines and activities. There are many things to celebrate in Currie itself. Please do check out all the activities in the Gibson Craig Hall.

At the Kirk we also have some new things to celebrate. Heather Merriman has started as the Joint Valley Youth and Family worker. Also Prayers for All will take place in the lounge of the Gibson Craig Hall on the first Wednesday of the month from 11—11.30 am. This is an invitation to everyone to pray for Currie and for personal and worldly concerns.

The first verse from Psalm 127 offers wise words, Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.

The verse reminds us that at the heart of our faith lies a connection to God in prayer and, as a church, all that we do must be firmly grounded in the will of God. We are blessed in Currie for it is an enriching and safe place to live but we are always mindful of places that are not enriched or blessed. In September we are collecting money as a special offering for Christian Aid specifically for Yemen where, despite the Civil War, there is a serious cholera epidemic.

As the Kirk, we feed the homeless from the Bethany Trust Care Van; we collect items for Lebanon, the Food Bank, and Freshstart; we also give resources to Christian Aid. These are prayerful actions that bring light and life. Yet if, as a Kirk we are not deeply united through a communal prayer life then even our prayerful actions are simply good deeds. The Lord is the one, ultimately who shapes and builds the house.

God Bless



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