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Update on Year of the Young Person 2018  
I  am excited by all the initiatives so far.  Students from Currie High are volunteering with the Tea and Tunes Dementia Café as well as Messy Church which now occurs twice a month.  I look forward to Heather’s Monday Madness for P1-P7’s on the 16th of April at Juniper Green Church Hall.  We are also planning a holiday club for the summer.    The churches in four local parishes are working together to support the Save our Schools campaign.  I will give you more updates on the Year of the Young person in the May magazine.   
 An Easter Tribute to Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
 On Passion Sunday, Peter Sawkins kindly read a poem by a great Christian hero of mine.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a man, steadfast in his faith who bravely followed the way of the cross.  During the rise of the Nazi Party, the “National German Church” was complicit in Hitler’s war-mongering propaganda and deathly intentions.  Therefore, Bonhoeffer, along with Christian friends formed The Confessing Church which opposed the increasingly violent actions of the Nazi regime.  Whilst he had ample opportunity to leave Germany, and friends in America and Britain encouraged him to do so, he decided to stay, feeling that he could not abandon the plight of so many in his country, especially the Jews.  In 1943 he was imprisoned before being transferred to a concentration camp.  He was executed by hanging on 9th April 1945 just months before the war ended.   He is most famous for his books Life together, The Cost of Discipleship and Letters and Papers from Prison.  The poem is an excerpt from his last book.  Whilst his story is tragic on the one hand, the Nazi’s did not extinguish Bonhoeffer’s ministry; his eloquent teachings, his obedient example, his compassionate influence, his brave sacrifice, his faithfulness to the way of Christ lives on and will never be forgotten.   As we enter into this Easter Season of fifty days between Easter Day and Pentecost, I wish you every blessing by the power of God’s Spirit and Presence.



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