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I am so grateful for all the goodwill and kind wishes that surrounded my trip to the USA to preach for Dad’s 80th Birthday. The celebrations went well and the folk of St Andrew’s Christian Church, Baltimore send their warmest greetings to Currie Kirk.

 I still find it incredible that it is possible to wake up in Edinburgh, eat breakfast in Heathrow and be in the USA in time for dinner. In our time, communication and travel have become so quick, so convenient—so different from what travel and communication must have been like in Jesus’ day. Jesus was one man, an itinerant prophet and preacher who changed the course of so many people’s lives by his speaking, healing, sharing, caring. Yet, he and his followers travelled only on foot, by sailboat or at best on a donkey. There were no microphones, no internet—just one man with a most radical approach to religion—an approach which encouraged people to build their own personal relationship with God. It is incredible to conceive of how the early Christian believers took his message of hope, forgiveness, new life and resurrection around so many communities, villages, cities and nations without phone, internet, Facebook, what’s-app, email or tweet. Yet somehow, by the grace of God and through the passion of a few committed folk the Good News spread. More and more people not only heard about this Divine man Jesus, his life-story and teachings— but their encounter with the Good News transformed their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We hear so much ‘bad’ news these days—news which leaves us feeling uncertain, sad or overwhelmed.

At Easter we remember once again that, as Christians we are people of the Gospel, or Good News. We celebrate that in God, death does not have the last word, evil cannot win-out forever, love is stronger than hate and hope will outlive despair. We have a loving God who came to us in Christ Jesus to redeem us again and again and again.

Therefore, let all of us in Currie Kirk resolve, despite all the ‘bad’ news around, to communicate the Good News we have with neighbours, friends and strangers alike. We remember that it is the living Christ among us who empowers us not only to share, but to participate in the story of Resurrection.

God Bless,



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