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Summer brings the season of Pentecost. (Pentecost or Shavuot in Hebrew was the harvest festival celebrated by the Israelites fifty days after the Passover.) Many people gathered in Jerusalem and this is also the day when we celebrate the coming of God’s Spirit upon those early disciples so powerfully that they were overwhelmed with joy!

They gained new strength and courage and they began to see the world and all creation from a heavenly perspective! The old order didn’t matter any more. All those walls and human barriers of wealth or gender, language or culture, race or status, slave or free, age or ability no longer apply—each and every one now seen as a beloved Child of God to be cherished and cared for! Thus began the Church, God’s human family which continues to rely on the fresh winds of God’s Spirit to show heavenly care and love to the world.

The seasons of the Church mimic the seasons of our nation in a lovely way. The birth of “The Light of the World” at Christmas comes at a time when we most yearn for light. We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus during our ‘Spring watch’ season of new birth. And now, when everything is greening and growing, blossoming and flourishing and importantly, ‘bearing fruit’ we remember that this is the very image Christ gave us for being in relationship with God.

God is not ‘up there’ or ‘over yonder’, God is here—an energy all around us as real as the sun or the wind or the breath within us. We need only open our hearts to that life-giving spirit of Jesus in our lives and God will enable us to bear fruit. In May Currie Kirk engaged with the trypraying initiative. Prayer is as simple as asking God to be there, to be involved—have faith! God already is. I pray your lives and the lives of those you care about may bear good fruit this summer!

God Bless, 



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