Kirk House

A photo of Kirk House

Kirk House is a cottage in an idyllic setting some 50 metres from Currie Kirk. The accommodation comprises a large room, a smaller room, a fully equipped kitchen, a children’s room well stocked with toys, and two toilets. While kirk House is the centre of our Sunday Schoolactivities Kidz@Currie - it can also be booked for one off activities.

For enquires and bookings, please contact Isobel Paterson on 0131 449 6182.




Pricing for lets (A letting period is a morning, an afternoon or an evening):

£15.00 per room, per let.

£35.00 for whole cottage, per let.


The Palmer Room

Measures 6.2m x 4.4m and is equipped with tables and chairs. It can sit 30 people without tables.

A photo of the Palmer Room







The Pentland Room

Measures 4.2m x 3m and can seat 10-12 people. It can be equipped with tables and chairs.

A photo of the Pentland Room







The Tweedle Dee-Dee Room

This is a small cosy room which could seat around 12 people but it's main use is as a children's room.

A photo of the childrens room








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